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Devaur Mix Tape Product Of A Vision

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Devaur is a West Auckland Producer and MC who has been dedicated to his craft for over 10 years. Producing numerous projects, music videos and mix tapes including albums for Synteck and Manix not to mention his numerous features and collaborations.

Devaurs latest offering Product Of A Vision is a 9 track Mix Tape featuring some of Aucklands most prolific MC’s Pakkz Tha General, Alpha, Ryvalis, Synteck, Dlar Madwar, KD Lok and D.N.C. get involved with this distinctly West Auckland drop.

West Auckland is developing a certain sound from it’s incestuous nature, with a large group of MC’s regularly collaborating and releasing projects. Insuring the music is seeded by the same minds and each release is keeping the others in the lime light. A smart move from the hardest working corner of the Auckland hip-hop scene.

How would I describe this sound that I speak of? I would start by saying the first thing I notice is that the rappers sound like young NZ Maori, with their strong local flavor breaking through in the delivery. I haven’t heard a lot of ultra contemporary Trap styles or the new basic cornball flow of Soundcloud Rap on this album. The West are sticking to what they like and it’s not the new wave. It’s more traditional flow and towards the end of the album Lyrical Murda demonstrates the double time chopper style of rapping the west of Auckland is becoming known for. Thank Goodness I say. The production on Product Of A Vision is creative in it’s own right. Ignoring the waves of calorie free junk music recently coming from the States. The MC’s dig deep into a not so distant past to bring a faster paced flow.

The vocals are garnished with the occasional autotune and detuned vocals associated with contemporary Hip Hop and Trap, indicating that they have been paying attention to the Soundcloud rap phenomenon, but have gleaned the production technics of the style while leaving the wack flows with the rightful owners.

I like the rock flavor of the songs of What’s Good  and Get It with a rock guitars playing 3 chord riffs over some fat boom bap and aggressive vocals.

I find Devaur’s approach to music very creative and this project is quite adventurous with its production. It has an Indie feel to the music, home grown but competent and bursting with lyrical talent.

The Mixtape starts off with an introduction from Devaur and flows down a wavy river of floaty music. Then the 808’s drop and Pakkz Tha Generals deep voice punctuates the start of the verses, followed by Devaur, Alpha and Ryvalis.

Track 2 Motivation is 808’s and Trap drums with the West Aucklands signature West Coast influenced flows getting combined with raw dark energy.

Track 3 Blame Me introduces the rock feel of the album with a U2 type guitar line accentuated with claps and dope flows from the team Devaur, Alpha P.T.G Dlar & Kd Lok.

Track 4. New Year Flow is a West Coast influenced old school feel joint, with probably the most commercial Radio potential on the album.

My interest started really peaking with track 5, the fast paced psychedelic rock infused Magic Man. I like how Devaur put this together. The samples are put together smoothly, flowing between Hip Hop and Rock effortlessly. Reminiscent of Eminems use of the Dream On sample by Aerosmith.

Track 6 is pretty interesting production with a combination of live drums and 808 drum machines. Devaur and D.N.C grace the vocals with some dope chopping.

I like this project and I think you will like it too. You can download it for free from Datpiff Here.


Or check it out on Soundcloud Here.


And Youtube Here.


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