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ABRZY is a Wellington based Hip-Hop artist. His style is contemporary Hip Hop/Trap and his new single Top Down is not too dissimilar to Drake. Superbly produced and executed with massive 808’s and snare rolls the track opens with a flamenco guitar strum and some well placed synth strings and various ambient sound effects including a cute female giggle before the bass drop. 

The track switches it up from a wavy legato bass line into a pause just to drop the bass again and then into a driving syncopated dance rhythm providing some nice tension and release elements. ABRZY laces the track with raspy syncopated breathing sounds and the all too familiar woohs yeah yuhs and skert skert noises of contemporary Hip Hop. 

The lyrics talk about driving with the top down of a convertible feeling the breeze with a girl on his mind and inline with contemporary Hip-Hop the hook is on repeat. The song is well crafted and flows between elements effortlessly. 

ABRZY has been doing this style for a minute but Top Down extends his repertoire to ad a more melodic singing vibe, with contemporary Hip-Hop’s trade mark auto tuned melodies abounding throughout. 

Top Down holds all the elements of whats happening right now in contemporary Hip-Hop and I can picture it getting love in a Hip-Hop club for sure. It’s a professional sounding track and I have to say ABRZY has made a solid commercial sounding joint with a lot of potential. Dare I say a potential hit, if luck is on his side.


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